Checking Out Different Mattress Types Before Ordering

Before ordering a new mattress, check out all the mattress types on a mattress guide site. Check out mattress reviews online as well. Why not let others do the testing and rate the mattresses? That way, a customer can narrow the search before leaving the house. Rating sites and mattress guide sites divide mattresses into categories such as the top of the line (most costly), good (more reasonable), and budget, which are the least expensive but still acceptable mattresses.

Know The Types Of Mattresses

There are five types of mattresses available today. Each has advantages and downsides. The types are memory foam mattresses, innerspring mattresses, latex mattresses, airbeds, and water or gel-based mattresses. The customer can choose the type mattress and then look for the best-quality mattress in their budget. The best mattress is not always the most expensive one. Shopping during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales can save the customer hundreds of dollars.

Memory foam mattresses use modern foams such as plant-based foam, traditional foam, gel-infused foam, and other high-quality foams. They may use a combination of foam types for different levels of comfort. The quality and price of this mattress type increase with density levels and the amount of quality foam used. This type of mattress can trap heat and have a chemical smell when new. Better quality models have better heat-dissipating features. Airing out the new mattress for a day before installing it gets rid of the chemical smell.

Innerspring mattresses use more traditional construction and still very popular worldwide. Construction has improved but ratings are lower than memory foam mattresses. Their downside is the inferior motion transfer, lower durability, and limited support. The innerspring mattresses that combine innersprings with memory foam top layers are the most popular models. Some new companies even customize the mattresses.

Latex mattresses are the third most popular type. The natural latex is more highly rated than synthetic latex. Natural latex comes from rubber trees, making it a natural product.

Airbeds have the advantage of allowing the user to adjust the pressure for a firmer or softer feel. Airbeds have unique types of chamber designs, bladder materials, and pumps. They have toppers of latex, memory foam, or firm quilting.

Waterbeds and gel-based beds are harder to find but they are affordable, durable, and hypoallergenic. They contain water in bladders and come soft- or hard-sided.

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