Consider Building that First Home

There are several incentives and programs designed to save first-time home buyers a significant amount of money. What most people do not realize is those same programs apply to people who decide to build their first home instead of buying one. Building provides many advantages over buying a home. Since the savings opportunities are the same, why settle for what someone else decided was an ideal home.?


The best advantage is that new home building centers around what the family needs and desires in their home. It can all be included in the floor plans. Two full bathrooms, for example, are no problem. There is no need to have one put in later. Start off with exactly what is needed. If the family dream home includes a game room or home theater, it can be built into the house from the very beginning.

The home will be move-in ready with no changes required. Select room wall colors, flooring type, and configurations so nothing has to be done after completion. The first thing people do when they move into an established house is re-paint the walls. That is not necessary when walls already suit the family’s preferences.

Do Not Forget the Yard

The surrounding yard can also be custom designed. Create a paver pattern for the patio, have a storage shed placed in the back corner, and decide between an enclosed garage and a carport. Plant the type of trees wanted and set up gardening areas if so desired. The house will be enjoyed for years because it is built to specifications.

Explore All Options

Look at some houses on the market, discover the pricing of land in the area favored, and find a company that specializes in building homes. Compare features, total costs, and locations. Keep in mind it takes approximately seven to eight months to build a home from the ground up. Considering many families search for the right home for about one year or more, the timing is comparable.

Discuss the difference of building over buying when seeking a lender. The interest rates may be the same, or one option may have lower interest rates than the other one. The difference can also be a contributing factor when making a final decision.