Three TV Show Couples Who Would Never Work In Real Life

It’s not surprising how many popular TV shows hinge on romantic storylines; after all, viewers love to have a couple that they can root for and they often find themselves better able to relate to the trials and travails of relationships than other aspects of character’s lives. What is surprising, though, is how many examples can be found in recent years of TV Show Couples Who Would Never Work In Real Life, giving viewers unrealistic expectations for their own relationships. Read on to check out just a few examples.

Leonard and Penny

It was immediately obvious to viewers upon the debut of The Big Bang Theory that one main premise was going to focus on the relationship between the main male characters and their beautiful blonde neighbor, Penny. While the storyline about Leonard, a socially-awkward but extremely intelligent scientist, winning over his beautiful actress neighbor and ultimately making it down the aisle might have a good deal of viewer appeal, in the real world it would never work. These two characters have such different interests and levels of understanding that it’s unreasonable to think they wouldn’t eventually become bored with each other.

Rick and Michonne

While The Walking Dead certainly couldn’t be classified primarily as a romance story, Rick Grimes certainly goes through his share of tumultuous relationship issues. After losing his wife Lori, he immediately and impulsively enters into a relationship with Michonne, with whom he shares next to nothing other than a desire to survive as warriors against the zombie apocalypse. Even taking all those walking dead out of the equation, these two would never make it in the real world; they just don’t have enough in common.

Monica and Chandler

It would be difficult to discuss TV relationships without mentioning the show Friends. Much of the show’s plot is centered around ill-fated relationships between various characters, but Monica and Chandler’s relationship, which ultimately ends in marriage, is arguably one of the least plausible of them. These two characters just have way too much history and shared personal baggage to ever be able to make it in the real world, so while viewers were happy to root for them on the small screen, it would be a mistake to take relationship cues from these two.