Reasons to Install a Commercial or Residential Dumbwaiter

The phrase dumbwaiter often conjures up images of centuries past utilizing quaint, antiquated technology. However, the reality of modern dumbwaiters is quite different; they are popular in homes and commercial properties across Singapore, and indeed the world, for a wide variety of reasons. Read on to find out why.

What is a Dumbwaiter?

A dumbwaiter is a small freight elevator that can be installed in either a residential or a commercial property. They are used most commonly in restaurants and hotels; however, homeowners who live in residences that feature multiple levels also stand to benefit from the convenience of having a personal-use freight elevator to transport groceries, laundry, and other objects from one floor to the next.

Can be Installed in New or Existing Structures

Dumbwaiters do not take up very much space, so it’s often possible to install them into existing homes and businesses without too much fuss. Plus, they can be integrated seamlessly into the existing property, so guests will never guess that these dumbwaiters are aftermarket add-ons.

Save Back Strain

The primary reason that most people install dumbwaiters is to avoid the unnecessary back strain that comes of transporting heavy objects up and down the stairs by hand. Most dumbwaiters come with fairly heavy carrying capacities, too, which allows their users to transport items that would be impossible to move by hand between floors with ease.

Common Uses for Dumbwaiters

While dumbwaiters can be used to transport just about anything that weighs less than their maximum loads, they are most commonly used in the hospitality industry. Hotels routinely use dumbwaiters to transport laundry to and from different floors, while restaurants often use them to transport dishes and food. Homeowners who choose to install residential dumbwaiters can use them for these same purposes, making it a cinch to keep the house clean and perform basic maintenance tasks.

Learn More Today

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