3 Reasons to Work with a Family Attorney

The moment children enter the equation of divorce and separation, it is important to prioritize them. By working with a family attorney Tampa families have been able to get the support that they need. There are several reasons to work with an attorney as opposed to doing everything on your own.

Establish a Parenting Plan

The state will require you to establish a parenting plan. This will identify who the primary parent will be as well as all of the time-sharing throughout the year. You will identify where the child (or children) spends holidays, summer vacation, and more. Plus, the plan will establish who makes decisions and who pays for what expenses.

Calculate Child Support

The secondary parent will be responsible for paying child support to the primary parent. There are specific calculations based on the income of both parents. By working with a family attorney, it’s possible to establish an amount that works for everyone.

Make Adjustments to Existing Plans

Unfortunately, plans go awry from time to time. No matter how much you plan, things will happen. Particularly when it comes to establishing a parenting plan, it’s hard to know what will happen several years down the road.

If you find yourself in a new position where you need additional money for child support or you want to change the amount of time you see your child throughout the year, it’s necessary to make adjustments with the state. It’s easier to make these changes when you have the help of a family attorney. It will ensure that all mediation is done properly. It will also ensure that the proper forms are filed and sent to the correct offices.

You should always work to do right by your family. Divorces and separations are difficult but there are ways to take care of your children. An attorney can work with you on child support and parenting plans to ensure you have a sufficient plan moving forward.